About us

    Estabilishes in 2008, Beyond Group (H.K) CO., Ltd is a professional manufacturer specializing in LED lighting applications,LED Lighting product development,production and sales. All Led products we produce and sell are energy-saving and environment-friendly.The products are all exported to worldwide countries and regions.

    We have received many social reputaions and customers' recoganitions,and become a shining star in chinese LED optical industry.

    After years of development, our company has developed and produced various LED lighting poducts.

    We have achieved considerable development in LED lighting market. LED bulb,LED downlight,spot light,LED panel light an LED tube have formed profesional and large-scealed manufacture.Based on the years of development and manufacture,LED panel light and LED tube have realized multiple varieties.and lines of products,which can meet different requirements of customers.Currently they have beeen successfully used in the project of our Canadian suppermarket.And plenty of five start hotels.

     Beyond Group has the top skilled elite team,taking"morality,quality,taste,brand"as the business philosphy, Beyond Group LED products will light the world with the characteristics of low-carbon,environment-friendly,green lighting.



Contact: Stephen Lee

Phone: +86-13808887906

Tel: +86-020-82599564

Email: beyond.stephen@163.com

Add: 1101 Dongpu Building Zhongshan Rd Guangzhou 510660 China

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